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Quest Means Business

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December 18, 2023

•Pentagon Chief Discusses Gaza's Future With Israeli Leaders; Oil Prices Rise As BP Pauses Shipments Through Red Sea; Gaza Health Ministry: Nearly 19,500 Killed Since War Began; UK Introduces Carbon Levy In Wake Of COP28; New Yorkers Contend With Sky-High Rent Costs; Polls: Trump Holds Big Lead, Haley Gains Ground; Activist Link United States Nonprofit To Anti- LGBT Laws Across Africa. Aired 3-4p ET

December 15, 2023

•IDF: Troops Mistakenly Killed Three Israeli Hostages In Gaza; Hungary's Orban Blocks New Aid To Ukraine; Ukrainian Lawmaker: Without Aid, We Are Going To Lose; Maersk Suspends Shipping Routes Through Red Sea. Aired 3-4p ET

December 14, 2023

•US Wants Israel To Transition to More Targeted Phase; Major European Central Banks Hold Interest Rates Steady; Witnessing Health Crisis in Gaza; Soaring Interest Rates Impact Real Estate. Aired 3-4p ET

December 13, 2023

•Fed Holds Benchmark Rate Steady At 5.25% To 5.5%; IDF: Nine Israeli Soldiers Killed In Single Incident In Gaza; Heavy Rain Adds To Misery Of Displaced Families In Gaza; Hunter Biden Defies GOP Subpoena For Closed- Door Testimony; Some French Citizens Now Eligible For Four-Year US Visa; Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Restrict Abortion Drug Nationwide; Supreme Court To Decide On Whether Or Not To Restrict Abortion Drug; Federal Reserve Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged. Aired 3-3:45p ET

December 12, 2023

•Happening Now: Zelenskyy Meeting With Biden In The Oval Office; Kremlin To "Monitor Very Closely" Biden-Zelenskyy Meeting; Source: US Intel. Puts Russian Casualties At 315,000; Israel Recovers Bodies Of Two Hostages In Gaza; Biden Says Netanyahu Needs To Change Tactics, But It's Difficult With Hardline Government; Lawmakers Back U.K. Prime Minister's Controversial Rwanda Draft Bill; Division Over Fossil Fuels Delays Climate Summit Agreement; Call To Earth: Giant Sequoias; Major Power Outage Disrupts Kenya Airport Operations. Aired 3-4p ET

December 11, 2023

•Special Counsel Asks US Supreme Court To Resolve Question Of Presidential Immunity; UNRWA Chief: Gaza Is Teetering On The Edge Of Collapse; Netanyahu Previously Approved Qatar's Funding Of Hamas; Pregnant Woman At Center Of Legal Battle Leaves The State To Obtain Abortion; China Sees Prices Drop 0.5% as Deflation Concerns Build; New Draft Deal Drops Call To "Phase Out" Fossil Fuels; European Central Bank To Meet Thursday; CNN Polls: Trump Leads Biden In Michigan And Georgia Battlegrounds As Sitting President's Approval Wanes; Macy's Shares Soar On Reported Buyout Bid. Aired 3-4p ET

December 08, 2023

•IDF: About 450 Hamas Targets Struck In The Past Day; Images From Gaza Show Israeli Military Detaining Blindfolded Men Stripped To Their Underwear; UN Security Council To Vote On Ceasefire Resolution; US Adds 199,000 Jobs In November, Beating Expectations; UK Regulator Examining Microsoft, OpenAI Relationship; Pressure Growing On UPenn To Fire Its President; Jon Rahm Leaving PGA Tour For LIV Golf; Hunter Biden Facing Nine Charges In Federal Tax Case; Protecting A Symbol Of The Andes; How To Break Up With Your Phone: Establishing A Balance; U.S. Vetoes U.N. Resolution On Gaza Ceasefire. Aired 3-4p ET

December 07, 2023

•Heavy Gunfire In Northern Gaza, Clashes In Khan Younis In South; Blinken Urges Israel To Do More To Protect Civilians; Babies From Gaza Recover In Egypt, Some Without Mothers; Save The Children Head: Death And Destruction "Overhwleming"; US Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Alabama; Donald Trump Skips Fourth Presidential Debate; Accounting Expert Testifies In Trump's Defense; Trump Present For Defense Witness In Fraud Case; U.S. Senate Republicans Block Aid Package For Ukraine; Call To Earth: Africa's River Systems; Aviation Industry To Hit Record Revenue In 2023. Aired 3-4p ET

December 06, 2023

•Leaked Audio Reveals Freed Hostages' Fury At Netanyahu; Biden Urges Congress To Pass Aid To Ukraine; Kevin McCarthy Says He's Leaving US House; Time's Person Of The Year: Taylor Swift; Las Vegas Police Responding To Reports Of Active Shooter; CNN Speaks To Voters Ahead Of Iowa Caucus; Nevada Grand Jury Indicts Six Pro-Trump Fake Electors; "White Angels" Take Aid To Front Line Town Of Avdiivka; IDF's "Most Intense Day" Of Ground Operation; Venezuela Claims Guyana-Controlled Region; Suspect In Las Vegas Shooting Is Dead. Aired 3-4p ET

December 05, 2023

•Israel: Heaviest Day Of Fighting Since Ground War Began; IDF Spokesman Clarifies Remarks In Civilian Casualties; Tuberville To Release Holds On Bulk Of Military Nominations; Israeli Regulators: No Suspicious Trading On Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Before October 7 Attacks; Harvard, Penn, MIT Presidents Testify Before Congress About Antisemitism; Antisemitic Attacks On The Rise In Italy; Meta And IBM Team Up On AI Alliance; "Grand Theft Auto VI" Trailer Hits 8 Million Views. Aired 3-4p ET

December 04, 2023

•Israel Expands Ground Operations To All Of Gaza; IDF Orders People To Evacuate More Areas In Southern Gaza; Israel: Military Objectives In Northern Gaza "Nearly Completed"; COP28 Head Defends Controversial Fossil Fuels Comments; Lufthansa Group Expands "Green Fare" Initiative; Alaska Air Agrees To Buy Hawaiian Airlines For $1.9B; CNN Gaza Reporter's Home Destroyed, Relatives Killed In Strikes; U.S. Republican Primary Voting To Begin In Six Weeks; SCOTUS Grapples With Oxycontin-Maker's Bankruptcy Deal. Aired 3-4p ET

December 01, 2023

•Fighting Resumes In Israel-Hamas Conflict As Truce Ends; The Long Wait For Aid Going To Gaza; Qatar Says Negotiations Continue Despite Resumption Of Fighting; U.S. House Expels George Santos In Historic Vote; U.S. Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Be Sued Over Jan. 6; Trump Attorneys Face Fulton County Judge For First Time In Georgia Election Subversion Case; Market Surge In 2023 Driven By Artificial Intelligence; Fed Would Proceed "Carefully" With Interest Rate Hikes, Says Powell. Aired 3-4p ET

November 30, 2023

•US Secretary Of State Blinken Speaks In Tel Aviv; Egypt: Negotiators Pushing For Truce Extension; US Urging Israel To Protect Civilians In Southern Gaza; U.S. Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Speaks In Tel Aviv; U.S. House Debates Expulsion Of George Santos; How AI Can Combat Climate Change. Aired 3-4p ET

November 29, 2023

•Israel Awaits Return Of Sixth Group Of Hostages; Hamas: Two Female Russian Hostages Released; Eight-Year-Old Boy Killed During Israeli Raid In Jenin; Israel: 126 Male Hostages, 3 Female Hostages Still Held; Sources: Red Cross Has Not Been Allowed To Visit Hostages; Released Caregiver Recovering After Hostage Ordeal; Blinken Reiterates NATO Support For Ukraine; Electronic Warfare Heats Up In Ukraine; Russia Leans Into GPS Jamming As War Tactic; Virgin Atlantic Completes Transatlantic Flight On 100% SAF; Negotiations In Hope Of Extending Truce; Parthenon Controversy; Quest`s World Of Wonder: London; Video Appears To Show Release Of Russian Hostages. Aired 3-4p ET

November 28, 2023

•Fifth Group Of Released Hostages Has Entered Israel; CIA Director Pushing For Broader Hostage Deal; Father Of Former Hostage Emily Hand Speaks To CNN; Israeli First Lady: Attacks On Women Were Atrocities; Palestinian Man Mourns Grandchildren Killed In Strike; Palestinians Welcome Freed Prisoners; Tribute Service For Former First Lady Concludes; Fifth Group Of Hostages Released To Israel; Celebrating The World's Conservationists. Aired 3-4p ET

November 27, 2023

•Did Not Air - 3-4p ET

November 24, 2023

•Did Not Air

November 23, 2023

•Qatar: Truce In Gaza To Begin At 7 AM Local Time Friday; Qatar: We Will Be Receiving Hostage Lists Daily From Hamas And Handing The List Over To Israel; Qatar: Truce Agreement States There Is To Be A Full Cessation Of Hostilities; IDF: Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital Director Detained; Far-Right Wilders Scores Surprise Win; Rescuers Getting Closer To Reaching Trapped Workers In India; New York City Mayor Formally Accused Of Sexual Assault; Truce In Gaza To Begin At 7AM Local Time Friday; 13 Women And Children Held By Hamas Will Be Released Friday; 39 Palestinian To Be Released Friday; CNN Documents Six Weeks Of Relentless Warfare; Six Weeks Of Conflict In Israel; Car Explosion At U.S.-Canada Border Not Terrorism; Macy's Iconic Thanksgiving Day Parade; Thanksgiving Prices Ease; Irish Police Chief Not Ruling Any Motive After Knife Attack In Dublin. Aired 3-4p ET

November 22, 2023

•Did Not Air 3-4p ET

November 21, 2023

•Did Not Air.

November 20, 2023

•Employees Call For Board To Resign After Altman Fired; Microsoft Stock Hits All-Time High; Hostage Families Meet With Israeli PM, War Cabinet; Premature Babies Evacuated To Egypt From Al-Shifa; Far-Right Outsider Milei Wins Argentina's Presidency; Far-Right Outsider Milei Wins Argentine Presidency; The Challenges Of Transforming Argentina's Economy; U.S. Markets Rally To Start Thanksgiving Week. Aired 3-4p ET

November 17, 2023

•Gaza's Water And Sewage Crisis; Under Scrutiny; Concerns Grow Over Lack Of Post-War Strategy; US Congress Passes Temporary Spending Bill; Father, Son Who Survived Oct. 7 Attacks Tell Their Story; Iceland Braces For Potential Volcanic Eruption; Rising Anti-Semitism On Social Media; Argentina's A.I. Election; U.S. And Mexican Presidents Meet On Final Day OF APEC Summit. Aired 3-4p ET

November 16, 2023

•Israel Drops Leaflets On Parts Of Southern Gaza; The Dangerous Journey Out Of Gaza City; Biden: We're committed To Asia-Pacific Region; APEC Leaders Pose For Family Photo; U.S. Representative George Santos Won't Seek Reelection; Edelman Survey Says NGOs Are Trusted Most On Climate Change; Call To Earth: The Ocean's Twilight Zone; Toyota Camry To Be Hybrid Only In 2025. Aired 3-4p ET

November 15, 2023

•Biden, Xi Hold High-Stakes Meeting; Israel Raids Gaza's Biggest Hospitals; Egypt: Working To Transfer Babies From Al-Shifa To Egypt; Union Members May Reject Deal To End GM Strike; Biden And Xi Meet; Etihad Hopes For Growth By Building Strong Network. Aired 3-4p ET

November 14, 2023

•Biden Optimistic On Hostage Deal; Washington March For Israel; CNN Goes Inside Gaza Combat Zone With Israeli Forces; US Markets Soar On Cooler-Than-Expected Inflation; House To Vote To Avoid Shutdown; U.S. House To Vote On Bill to Avoid Shutdown; Emirates CEO On Recent Spending Spree; Tens Of Thousands Expected At D.C. March For Israel; Call To Earth. Aired 3-4p ET

November 13, 2023

•Gaza Health System Crumbles; Donald Trump Jr. Back On Stand; The Return Of David Cameron; New U.S. House Speaker Faces Budget Challenge; E.U.: 100 Civilians Massacred In Burkina Faso Village; Iceland: Earthquakes Decrease As Volcanic Threat Remain. Aired 3-4p ET

November 10, 2023

•CNN Team Witnesses Heavy Bombardment in Northern Gaza; Blinken: "Far Too Many Palestinians Have Been Killed"; Israel Claims Misfired Project Launched From Inside Gaza Responsibilities For Hit On Al-Shifa Hospital; U.S. Diplomats Warn Of Growing Fury In Arab World. Aired 3-4p ET

November 09, 2023

•Tens Of Thousands Flee Northern Gaza; Barghouti: Countries Must Call For A Ceasefire In Gaza; CNN Speaks To Peace Activist Who Lost Parents On Oct. 7 Attacks; Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says It Is Prepared To Release Two Hostages On Humanitarian Grounds; Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin Not Seeking Reelection; Actors' Union Reaches Tentative Agreement With Studios; SAG-AFTRA "Thrilled" To Reach Deal With Studios; Spanish Prime Minister Moves Closer To Another Term; Palestinian Islamic Jihad Prepared To Release Two Hostages; Call To Earth: Bird Conservation. Aired 3-4p ET

November 08, 2023

•Thousands Flee Northern Gaza; IDF: 130 Hamas Tunnels Destroyed; G7 Leaders Discuss Conflict During Tokyo Meeting; Ivanka Trump Takes The Stand; 2023 US Election Results; Third Republican Debate To Start Without Trump; Biden Campaign To Capitalize On Dems' Strong Results; Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney Quarterly Results; Giant Panda Trio Returns To China. Aired 3-4p ET

November 07, 2023

•IDF "In The Heart Of Gaza City"; Gaza's Future Governance; Election Day In Key US States; WeWork Files For Bankruptcy; US Homicide Probe After Jewish Protester Dies; US Supreme Court May Uphold Limited Gun Curbs In Law; King Charles II Delivered His First King's Speech; Israeli Father Learns Weeks Later That Daughter May Be Alive; Portuguese Prime Minister Steps Down Amid Inquiry; White House Reiterates Israel Should Not Reoccupy Gaza; Tourism Minister Says Egypt Is Working To Maintain Normalcy; WeWork On The Brink. Aired 3-4p ET

November 06, 2023

•Hamas-Run Ministry: Gaza Death Toll Has Surpassed 10,000; Biden And Netanyahu Speak; Trump Clashes With Judge; Zelenskyy Invites Trump To Ukraine; Luis Diaz Begs Kidnappers To Release Father After Scoring Goal; Elon Musk To Launch A.I. Chatbot "Grok". Aired 3-4p ET

November 03, 2023

•Israel Admits Airstrikes On Ambulance That Witnesses Say Killed And Wounded Dozens; Blinken: We Need To Do More To Protect Civilians; Hezbollah Leader: Possibility Of Escalation Is Realistic; Officials: Dozens Of Drones Launched At Ukraine Overnight; Storm Ciaran Batters Tuscany, Killing Six. Aired 3-4p ET

November 02, 2023

•IDF: Military Has Completed Its Encirclement Of Gaza City; Hundreds Of Foreign Nationals Exit Gaza Thursday; Blinken Says He Will Discuss "Concrete Steps" With Israel On Minimizing Civilian Harm; Israel Says It Intercepted Missile From Southeast; Check Point: Cyberattacks Rising Since Oct. 7; Iran Hackers Target Israel, Saudi Arabia; Storm Ciaran Wreaks Havoc In U.K. And France; Devastation And Suffering In Jabalya; U.S. House To Vote On $14.3 Billion Israel Aid Bill; Eric Trump Testifies In Fraud Trial; South Africa Celebrates Rugby World Cup Win. Aired 3-4p ET

November 01, 2023

•Foreign Nationals and Injured Palestinians Begin Leaving Gaza; IDF Confirms Second Airstrike on Jabalya Refugee Camp; UK Foreign Secretary: First British Nationals Have Left Gaza; IDF Say Military is "At the Gates" of Gaza City; Some Americans Arrive in Egypt from Gaza; U.S. Secretary of State Meets Saudi Defense Minister; Fed Holds Benchmark Interest Rate Steady Again; Donald Trump Jr. Testifies in Civil Fraud Trial. Aired 3-4p ET

October 31, 2023

•IDF Confirms Airstrike Hits Gaza Refugee Camp; Interview with Rep. Rick McCormick on Funding for Israel, Ukraine; Saudi Arabia Makes Only Bid to Host FIFA World Cup Tournament in 2034; Forensic Experts Work to ID Victims of Hamas Invasion. Aired 3-4p ET

October 30, 2023

•Israel PM Netanyahu: "This Is A Time For War"; IDF: Female Soldier Kidnapped By Hamas Has Been Released; Hamas Releases Video Showing Three Female Hostages; Netanyahu: Israel Will Not "Surrender To Barbarism"; Palestinian Civilians Caught In The Crossfire In Gaza; US Targets Hamas Funding With Sanctions; Border Clashes; Israel's Ground Operation Moves Deeper Into Gaza; Clashes Between Israeli Defense Forces And Hezbollah Escalate; Clashes Between Israel Defense Force And Hezbollah Escalate; Anti-Israel Mob Storms Airport In Southern Russia; Police, Military Search For Father Of Footballer Luis Diaz; Police Military Search For Father Of Footballer Luis Diaz; FIFA Secretary General: Unwanted Kiss "Derailed" Joy Of World Cup; United Auto Workers To Send General Motors Deal To Members For Approval. Aired 3-4p ET

October 27, 2023

•Did Not Air 3-4p ET

October 26, 2023

•Manhunt In Maine; Overnight Raid In Israel; Maine Governor: 18 Killed In Mass Shootings, 13 Wounded; Sources: New Key Theory That Suspect Recently Broke Up With Longtime Girlfriend; Shelter-In-Place Advisory Expanded Amid Manhunt; IDF Conducts Tank Raid On Northern Gaza Before Withdrawing; IDF: Hamas Targets Were Preparing To Attack Israeli Forces; Arab Nations Accuse Israel Of Targeting Civilians; Netanyahu: Preparations Being Made For Ground Invasion; U.S. Army Identifies Maine Shooter As Long- Time Reservist; Hurricane Otis Leaves Acapulco Devastated; E.U. Leaders Meet To Discuss Israel-Hamas War; Sam Bankman-Fried Takes The Stand Without Jury. Aired 3-4p ET

October 25, 2023

•Freed Hostage Speaks About Kidnapping And Captivity; Hostage Released By Hamas Said, "I Went Through Hell"; Relentless Strikes On Gaza Overnight; Inside Gaza: Civilians Caught In Aftermath Of Strikes; UNRWA Says Lack Of Fuel Jeopardizing Relief Efforts; Efforts Underway To Release More Hostages; Israel Drops Leaflets Asking For Info On Remaining Hostages; Netanyahu Adviser: Israel Will Not Allow Fuel Into Gaza; Israel: Preparing For "Multilateral Operation" Against Hamas; Mike Johnson Elected New U.S. House Speaker; Trump Fined $10K For Violating Gag Order; U.N. Says Gaza Out Of Fuel Soon; Interview With Noam Alon, Boyfriend Of Woman Abducted From Music Festival; U.N. Chief "Shocked" At "Misinterpretations"; Israeli City Rishon Lezion Hit By Rocket Attack; Israel-Hamas War Likely To Hit Regional Economies. Aired 3-4p ET

October 24, 2023

•Freed Hostage Speaks About Kidnapping and Captivity; Hostage released By Hamas Said, "I Went Through Hell"; Relentless Strikes On Gaza Overnight; Inside Gaza: Civilians Caught In Aftermath Of Strikes; UNRWA Says Lack Of Fuel Jeopardizing Relief Efforts; Efforts Underway To Release More Hostages; Israel Drops Leaflets Asking For Info On Remaining Hostages; Netanyahu Adviser: Israel Will Not Allow Fuel Into Gaza; Israel: Preparing For "Multilateral Operation" Against Hamas; Tom Emmer's Speaker Bid On Verge Of Collapse; Trump Former Fixer Implicates Trump In Inflating Assets; Jordan's Queen States Silence From Western World Is Deafening; Deadly Violence And Tension Growing In The West Bank; Five Britons Still Missing; BlackRock CEO Warns Of More Economic Instability. Aired 3-4p ET

October 23, 2023

•President Biden Speaks; Sources: Two Israeli Hostages Released by Hamas; Palestinian Health Ministry: 12 Hospitals & 32 Medical Centers "Out of Service" After Israeli Strikes and Fuel Depletion; Aid Trickles into Gaza as Israeli Airstrikes Increase. Aired 3-4p ET

October 20, 2023

•Did Not Air 12-1p ET

October 19, 2023

•Israel At War; Egypt: Aid Set To Begin Arriving In Gaza Friday; Biden Plans To Use Primetime Address To Make Case For US Aid To Israel And Ukraine; Protests Erupt After Deadly Gaza Hospital Blast; British PM Meets Israeli, Saudi Leaders; Israeli-Palestinian Debate Inflames College Campuses. Aired 3-4p ET

October 18, 2023

•Biden Warns Israel Not To Be Consumed By Rage; Jordanian Foreign Minister: We Need To End This War; IDF: Islamic Jihad Behind Hospital Blast Is A Failed Rocket Launch; Republican Jim Jordan Loses Support In Second Vote; Humanitarian Crisis Grows After Gaza Hospital Blast; Protests Across Islamic World After Gaza Hospital Blast. Aired 3-4p ET

October 17, 2023

•Palestinian Government Estimates 200 To 300 Dead In Strike On Gaza Hospital; Protests In Ramallah After Strike On Gaza Hospital; Palestinian Govt.: 200-300 Dead In Strike On Gaza Hospital; Abbas Cancels Meeting With Biden After Hospital Strike; Humanitarian Crisis Continues To Mount In Gaza. Aired 3-4p ET

October 16, 2023

•Palestinian Officials: Nearly 3K Killed In Gaza; Israel: Preparing For Combined, Coordinated Strikes; UNRWA: One Million People Displaced Within Gaza; E.U. Says It's Opening Air Corridor To Get Aid Into Gaza; White House Wants Rafah Crossing Open For Aid; Gaza's Hospitals To Run Out Of Fuel In 24 Hours. Aired 3-4p ET

October 13, 2023

•Israeli Troops Have Carried Out Local Raids In Gaza; Jordan Extremely Concerned About Conflict Spreading; Nations Urge Israel To Let Aid Into Gaza; Austin Visit Israeli Air Base, Affirms U.S. Support; Netanyahu: This Is Only The Beginning; Biden Speaking On Development In Israel. Aired 3-4p ET

October 12, 2023

•Rights Groups Warn Of Catastrophe In Gaza; Blinken Visits Israel In Show Of Solidarity; Interview With Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA); Netanyahu's Office Releases Photos Of "Babies Murdered And Burned" By Hamas; Blinken: U.S. Stands "Shoulder-To-Shoulder" With Israel; EU: Israel Must Follow International Law. Aired 3-4p ET

October 11, 2023

•Israel Forms Emergency Cabinet and War Cabinet; US House Republicans Nominate Scalise for Speaker as Issue of Aid to Israel Looms; Brutality of Hamas Attacks on Civilians Emerge; Officials: Gaza Hospitals Running Out of Fuel for Generators; Families of Israeli Hostages Plead for Their Release. Aired 3-4p ET

October 10, 2023

•Biden: Hamas' Actions Are Pure Unadulterated Evil; Israel Pounds Gaza With Airstrikes As Hamas Launches More Rockets; Nova Music Festival Survivor Speaks To CNN; Hamas Rocket Attacks Continue Into The Night; Sullivan: U.S. Does Not Expect Israel Will Pursue "Siege". Aired 3-4p ET

October 09, 2023

•Israeli: Airstrikes On Gaza Only The Beginning; Hamas Threatens Hostages; Desperate Search For Hostages Taken By Hamas; Israel Orders Complete Siege Of Gaza; Israel Moving Military Equipment Toward Gaza; Nine Americans Killed In Attacks In Israel. Aired 3-4p ET

October 06, 2023

•US Adds 336K Jobs In September; UAW President: We Are Winning; Trump Endorses Jim Jordan For House Speaker; Jailed Iranian Activist Awarded Nobel Peace Prize; Jobs Report Could Complicate Interest Rate Decision; Estimated $1.4 Billion Powerball Prize Up For Grabs. Aired 3-4p ET

October 05, 2023

•Ukraine Says Russia Strike Killed At Least 51 People; Biden Administration To Build More Barriers On Southern Border; Pandora Shares Jump After It Raises Government Targets; Explosive Traces Found In Prigozhin Wreck; U.S. President Joe Biden To Pay Tribute To Senator Dianne Feinstein; Air France KLM Becomes Major Shareholder Of SAS; Call To Earth: Uganda; Korean Companies Using AI To Craft Perfect K-pop Stars. Aired 3-4p ET

October 04, 2023

•Two Republicans Seek To Become New House Speaker; Dow Drifts After Going Negative For The Year; Opening Statements In Bankman-Fried Criminal Trial; U.S. House Paralyzed After Historic Vote; Interview With Rep. Maxine Waters On The Search For A New U.S. House Speaker; Arnault Attorney Dismisses Money Laundering Probe As "Absurd"; Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Adds Another Plane To Meet Demand. Aired 3-4p ET

October 03, 2023

•House Debates Before Vote To Oust McCarthy; Trump Trial Judge Bans Public Comments About His Staff. Aired 3-4p ET

October 02, 2023

•Trump In Court; US Congress Omits Ukraine In Stopgap Funding Bill; JPM: Strikes Have Already Cost, Ford, GM Over $100 Million; Paris Grapples With Bed Bug Infestation; At Least 13 Killed In Night Club Fire In Spain; Gaetz On Ousting U.S. House Speaker: Stay Tuned. Aired 3-4p ET

September 29, 2023

•Tributes Pour In For US Senator Dianne Feinstein; GOP Plan To Avert Shutdown Fails, Heading For Shutdown; Interview With Rep. Sara Jacobs (D- CA); United Auto Workers Expand Strike At Ford And G.M.; Heavy Rain Causes Flash Floods In New York City Area; Hardline Republicans Hold Out For Budget Cuts. Aired 3-4p ET

September 28, 2023

•Biden Delivers Speech On Threats To US Democracy; NATO Chief Says Ukrainian Counteroffensive Is "Gaining Ground"; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3- 4p ET

September 27, 2023

•US Soldier Expelled from North Korea; Three Days Left To Avoid US Government Shutdown; US Markets Adding To Week's Losses; Hollywood Writers Go Back to Work; AI Implant Affords Paralyzed Man Some Movement; Call To Earth: Sea Of Hope; KAYAK's Rules Of Air Travel. Aired 3-4p ET

September 26, 2023

•Biden Marches With Striking Autoworkers; US Government Sues Amazon For Alleged Online Monopoly; PM Sunak Faces Criticism For Pushing Back On UK's Goals; Over 30 Percent Of U.K. Adults Struggle With Cost Of Living; Inflation Squeezing Discretionary Spending; Quest's World Of Wonder: Nice. Aired 3-4p ET

September 25, 2023

•Writers And Studios Reach A Tentative Contract Deal; Biden Expected To Join Picket Line In Michigan; Zelenskyy: US Abrams Tanks Have Arrived In Ukraine; U.S. Amb: "Five Eyes" Intel Led To Canada Accusing India; Canada's House Speaker Apologizes For Praising Ukrainian Nazi Member; Kosovo-Serbia Tensions Higher After Standoff. Aired 3-4p ET

September 22, 2023

•Russia's War On Ukraine; Union Expands Strikes At 38 GM And Stellantis Sites; Hollywood On Strike; Canadian And Ukrainian Leaders Hold News Conference; UAW Latest Union To Join Work Action Resurgence; Delta Announces Roadmap To Net-Zero By 2050. Aired 3-4p ET

September 21, 2023

•Lachlan Murdoch Takes Over Fox, News Corp; US Official: White House To Announce New Ukraine Aid; Microsoft Windows 11 To Include Co-Pilot AI Service; Otto Group To Use Boston Dynamics Robots In Warehouses; President And Madam Zelenskyy Arrive At White House; Call To Earth: Uganda; Interview With Hungarian Foreign Minister On Russia's War On Ukraine; Turkish Airlines, Top International Carrier, Still Looking To Grow. Aired 3-4p ET

September 20, 2023

•Federal Reserve Keeps Benchmark Rate At 5.25 Percent; Greek PM: Climate Change Could Help Tourism; UK PM Sunak Announces Climate Initiative Rollbacks; Biden And Netanyahu Meet At UNGA; U.S. Markets Fall On Fed Outlook; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

September 19, 2023

•Zelenskyy Addresses United Nations; UAW Threatens To Expand Strike On Friday; Birmingham Declared Itself Essentially Bankrupt; India-Canada Tensions; Instacart Shares Pop On First Day; Brunswick Showcases Self- Docking Boat; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

September 18, 2023

•Five Americans Freed After Years of Prison in Iran; Threat of Expanded Strike Looms Over US Automakers; CNN Investigates Hijacked Buildings in Johannesburg; Clorox Warns Hack Will Hit Results; Instacart Raises IPO Target After Arm's Success; Apple Leads Dow 30 In Choppy Session. Aired 3-4p ET

September 15, 2023

•Autoworkers Walk Off Job At Three US Plants; Flash Floods Leave Trail Of Utter Destruction In Libya; Qatar Airways CEO: Australia's Rejection Is Unfair; United States Sentiment Slips As Oil Rises; Drought Slowing Transit Through Panama Canal; Neal: We're Facing A "Riskier, More Uncertain World". Aired 3-4p ET

September 14, 2023

•Hunter Biden Indicted On Three Gun Charges; Moderna Targeting mRNA- Based Flu And Cancer Vaccines; Arm Shares Surge In Biggest IPO of 2023; Call To Earth; Wyndham Introducing AI Chatbot For Guests; International Travel Demand Is Accelerating. Aired 3-4p ET

September 13, 2023

•US Inflation Edges Higher As Gas Prices Jump; Putin Hints At Military Cooperation With North Korea; Grounded In Greenland; Blackouts, Corruption Biggest Issues For South Africa; Birkenstock Heads For Wall Street; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

September 12, 2023

•Largest Antitrust Case In Decades Set To Begin; Company Unveils New Watch, iPhone At Event; Officials: Over 5,300 Presumed Dead In Libya Floods; Kim Jong-Un Arrives In Russia; Israel Supreme Court Hears Historic Case; Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site Status Under Threat; India On Pace To Double Foreign Tourism. Aired 3-4p ET

September 11, 2023

•Military Finally Reaches Remote Morocco Earthquake Epicenter; EU Downgrades 2023 Growth Forecast; Source: Kim Is Headed To Russia To Meet With Putin; Smucker Buying Twinkies Maker Hostess For $6.5B; Deezer Changes How Artists Get Paid; Spanish Court Admits Complaint Against Rubiales. Aired 3-4p ET

September 08, 2023

•Modi Greet Biden; US-China Tensions; Precarious Rescue Mission; Deadly Police Shooting Leads To Murder Charge; U.K. Terror Fugitive Spotted; Flooding In Greece Kills Six People. Aired 3-4p ET

September 07, 2023

•US Lawmakers Calls For Restriction On Exports; Chip In Huawei Smartphone Prompts Concern In US; At Least Six People Killed In Catastrophic Floods; Search For U.K. Terror Suspect; New Elon Musk Biography Revelations; Former FTX Executive Expected To Plead Guilty; John Kerry On Climate Crisis; Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion. Aired 3-4p ET

September 06, 2023

•Temperature Records Smashed Across The World; Eight Dead As Flooding Hits Southern Europe; 17 Killed In Russian Missile Strike In Donetsk; U.K.'s Birmingham Halts All Non-Essential Spending; Prosecutors Lay Out Road Map For Trump Election Trial; Climate Change Affecting Amusem*nt Parks; Rolling Stones Announce First New Music In 18 Years; Deezer, Universal Music Reach Royalty Agreement. Aired 3-4p ET

September 05, 2023

•Arm Seeks $25 Billion Valuation In Public Offering; Oil Prices Jump Above $90.00 For First Time In 2023; US: North Korea Leader May Meet Putin To Talk Arms Deal; Pressure Buildings On Entertainment Industry; Manhattan Rent At All-Time High; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

September 04, 2023

•No Breakthrough In Grain Deal; China Signals Xi Jinping Will Not Attend G20 Summit; Global Climate Crisis; Burning Man Attendees Start To Leave As Road Reopens; United States Sees Surge In Labor Action; 97 Percent UAW Members Support Potential Strike. Aired 3-3:45p ET

September 01, 2023

•Unemployment Rate Hits 3.8 Percent As More Workers Seek Jobs; Adani Slams Soros-Funded Interests After Investigative Reporting; Ukrainian FM To CNN: We Are Moving Forward; "X" Says It May Collect Biometric Data; Presale Tickets For "Eras" Tour Move Break Sales Record; Man Jailed In Iran For Protesting Dies. Aired 3-4p ET

August 31, 2023

•Apartment Block Fire Kills At Least 74 In Johannesburg; UBS Rakes In Record $29 Billion Profit In Q2; Workers Say Young Colleagues Have Influenced Their Views; Xi Jinping Plans To Skip G20 Summit; More Countries Interested In Joining BRICS; Call To Earth; Baidu, SenseTime Unveil Chatbots. Aired 3-4p ET

August 30, 2023

•Dangerous Storm Pummels US Southeast; Military Officers Announce Coup In Gabon; Biggest Drone Attack On Russia Since War Began; Hurricane Idalia Strikes Florida And Georgia; Mark Thompson Named Next CEO Of CNN; U.S. Commerce Secretary Wraps Up China Visit; Gannett Suspends AI Sportswriting. Aired 3-4p ET

August 29, 2023

•Biden Names 10 Drugs Medicare Will Negotiate For; World Cup Controversy; Media Giants Block ChatGPT From Accessing Sites; Hurricane Idalia Coming To Florida As Cat 3 Storm; Engineering Firm Designs Sails For Cargo Ships; Quest's World Of Wonder: Egypt; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

August 28, 2023

•Protests In Spain In Support Of World Cup Players; Russia's War On Ukraine; Federal Judge Orders Trump To Stand Trial On March 4, 2024; Italian Government Set To Devise Emergency Plan; Ben Mutzabaugh: Travel Disruption Will Have Effects Beyond The U.K.; Lardy: Don't Expect Huge Stimulus Spending In China. Aired 3-4p ET

August 25, 2023

•Powell: Inflation Still Too High; Former President Posts Mugshot After Georgia Arrest; The Complicated Rules Of Tipping In The US.; Ukraine Appears To Widen Breach Of Russian Defenses; British Museum Director Resigns Amid Theft Probe; Greek Police Arrest Dozens For Arson As Wildfire Burn. Aired 3-4p ET

August 24, 2023

•Did Not Air 3-4p ET

August 23, 2023

•Did Not Air 3-4p ET

August 22, 2023

•Arm: Set for Biggest Public Offering Since 2021; Microsoft- Activision Deal; Eight People Saved From Dangling Cable Car In Pakistan; Monarch Bets On A Green Tractorbot Revolution; VinFast Shares Skyrocket After IPO; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

August 21, 2023

•Hilary Drops Historic Rainfall On US Southwest; Biden Set To Arrive In Maui For Official Visit; Stocks Fall In China After Modest Rate Cut; Rising Near-Miss Incidents Put Airline Industry On Edge; Eyes Turn To India As Russia Moon Mission Falls; Mini Space Race Underway To Moon's South Pole. Aired 3-4p ET

August 18, 2023

•Final Night In Ulaanbaatar; Biden Hosts Leaders Of Japan, South Korean And Camp David; South Korea, Japan And U.S. Discuss Economic Cooperation; Pushing Mongolian Aviation Into A New Era; Mongolia Supplies 40 Percent Of World's Cashmer. Aired 3-4p ET

August 17, 2023

•Day Two From Ulaanbaatar; Dow Hits Session Lows As Bond Yields Rise; Mongolia's Economy Dwarfed By Neighbors; Giuliani Asks Trump For Monetary Help; Mongolian Stock Exchange CEO Says We Need To Attract China; Call To Earth: Cascade Valley Metro Park; Nomadic Life In Mongolia's Harsh Conditions. Aired 3-4p ET

August 16, 2023

•Mongolia Carves New Economic Path; Ukraine: Russian Attacks Hit Warehouse And Granaries Overnight; Former Finnish Prime Minister Stubb Running For President; Mining In Mongolia; Top Investor Bets On Wall Street Downturn; U.S. Increases Foreign Investment In Mongolia. Aired 3-4p ET

August 15, 2023

•Trump Faces Fourth Indictment; Biden Touts Jobs Gains Despite Economic Headwinds; Poland Moves Troops to Belarus Border; Trump Criminally Charged in Fourth Indictment This Year; Two Years Since the Fall of Kabul; Hackers Take on Holes in AI Infrastructure. Aired 3-4p ET

August 14, 2023

•Russia Boards Cargo Ship in Black Sea; Hawaii Wildfires; Posen: China Struggling with Economic Long COVID; Potential Four Indictment Looms In Georgia; Women Gain Spending Power, Lack CEO Positions; Posen: U.S. Can Capitalize On China's Slow Growth. Aired 3-4p ET

August 11, 2023

•Death Toll Climbs To 55, Expected To Rise Further In Maui; Live From Asbury Park, New Jersey; Writers Guild And Studios Resume Negotiations; U.S. Judge Revokes Sam Bankman-Fried's Bail; San Francisco Green Light 24/7 Driverless Taxis; Moody's: Inflation Forces Families To Spend $700+ More Each Month Than Two Years Ago. Aired 3-4p ET

August 10, 2023

•Deadly Wildfires Rip Through Mali; Five Americans Detained In Iran Now Under House Arrest; US Headline Inflation Edges Higher In July; Disney's Mixed Results In Quarterly Earnings; ECOWAS Condemns Confinement Conditions For President Mohamed Bazoum; Call To Earth: Blue Heart Of Europe; Middle Eastern Airline Competition Heats Up. Aired 3-4p ET

August 09, 2023

•Biden To Take Aim At Chinese High-Tech Industries; WeWork: Substantial Doubt We Can Stay In Business; ESPN Signs &2 Billion Deal With Penn Entertainment; Blast At Industrial Plant Near Moscow Injures 50+; Women And The Economy; New Translation Screen Tested At Tokyo Train Station. Aired 3-4p ET

August 08, 2023

•Moody's Warns On Six Banks; World Hits Critical Warming Point In July; Study: Wegovy Reduces Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke; Italian Cabinet Approves 40 Percent Windfall Tax On Banks; Fans Gather To Mourn Sinead O'Connor In Ireland; Dash To The Bell. Aired 3-4p ET

August 07, 2023

•Crisis in Niger; High Interest Rate Ramp Up Global Competition; Masdar Completes $750 Million Green Bond Issuance On LSE; Zoom Tells Some Employees To Return To Office; Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Brings Economic Boost; U.S. Market Set To Snap Losing Streak. Aired 3-4p ET

August 04, 2023

•US Economy Adds 187K Jobs In July; Source: Ukraine Behind Drone Attack On Russian Ship; Russian Opposition Leader's Jail Term Extended; Military Warns Of Retaliation If ECOWAS Intervenes; New Victim Identified In Gilgo Beach Murders; U.S. Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Visits Ukraine. Aired 3-4p ET

August 03, 2023

•Did Not Air 3-4p ET

August 02, 2023

•Trump Face New Charge In Court Thursday; Fitch: US Downgrade Reflects Erosion Of Governance; Negotiation: Trade Can Repel Beijing Bullying; Ukraine Preparing For Peace Talks In Saudi Arabia; Death Sentence For Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter; Trump Can Run Even if Convicted; Match Group Raises Forecast For Q3 Revenue. Aired 3-4p ET

August 01, 2023

•US Markets Mixed As Companies Report Results; Cineworld Emerges From Bankruptcy; Coup In Niger: Evacuation Of Foreign Nationals Underway; Myanmar Military Pardons Some Charges against Aung San Suu Kyi; Heat Is Scorching American Businesses; China`s New Generative AI Rules; New Zealand Looks to Capitalize on World Cup. Aired 3-4p ET

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