MyAviva keeps you in control (2024)

MyAviva keeps you in control (1)

Keep track of your policies, plans and investments wherever you are

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Stay on top of the details you need

Turn rummaging through paperwork into a distant memory thanks to your secure online account, MyAviva. Once you log in online or through the app, you can see your details and make certain changes too.

Any policy, plan or investment you can manage through MyAviva should appear there without you having to do a thing. You’ll have to register first to set up your account and password. And to keep you and your money safe, there may be an extra layer of security to start off. For example, you might need to ‘unlock’ your pension using extra identification – you’ll see how to do this when you log in.

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What you can do in MyAviva

Here's a snapshot of how MyAviva can put power at your fingertips for the different types of insurance and investments you might have with us.

Home, motor and travel insurance

This includes car, van and travel insurance you’ve taken out directly with us. The type of things you can do in MyAviva are:

  • See your policy and documents
  • Make a claim
  • Add or remove any optional add-ons
  • Renew your cover without making any changes
  • Update your details (home and motor)

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When you might need extra help

If you have AvivaPlus insurance, you didn’t take out your policy directly with us or for changes that you can’t make yourself, find the contact details you need.

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When you have a stocks and shares ISA or general investment account with us, MyAviva can be the place where you:

  • Keep track of how it’s doing
  • Change your details
  • Check its fund performance
  • Switch funds if you wish
  • Make a one-off payment or transfer in another investment

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When you might need extra help

If you have an investment bond or an endowment policy, or you specifically need more information about a with-profits fund.

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Pensions, annuities and equity release plans

Depending on the type of pension you have, MyAviva can keep you right at the controls, letting you do things like:

  • Check its performance and value
  • Update your details
  • Change your retirement age
  • Switch your funds
  • Transfer another pension in

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When you might need extra help

There are several different types of pensions you could have with us, and not all of them let you do all these things online. You may also need an extra leg-up to manage your annuity or equity release plan.

More on managing your pensions and retirement ""

Life insurance and critical illness cover

Depending on how and when you took out your cover with us, you may be able to handle several tasks in MyAviva, like:

  • See your documents
  • Find information about your policy
  • Change your personal details
  • Make a claim

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When you might need extra help

There could be a few reasons. If your policy’s a no-show in MyAviva. If it’s a joint policy or held in Trust. Or if you want to make changes to your payments or cover.

More on managing your life insurance ""

Health insurance

When you take out our health cover, MyAviva helps you keep all the details within reaching distance by letting you:

  • Check your cover
  • Make a new claim
  • Update a claim
  • Keep up to date on your bill

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When you might need extra help

A Speedy Diagnostics insurance policy might not show up in MyAviva, and your Physio Essentials and Cancer Essentials policies may not either.

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MyAviva keeps you in control (2)

Get the app to make MyAviva more mobile

Tapping open the app version of MyAviva means you can manage your insurance, savings or investments on the move through your mobile or tablet – 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.

The MyAviva app is not currently available in the Isle of Man. Mobile data charges may apply.

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More ways you can find what you need

From a first quote, to finding a phone number to claiming on your policy, here’s how else you can get to the right place.

MyAviva keeps you in control (3)

Get in touch

Find all the different ways you can ask us questions, make changes to your policy or investment, or just check everything’s as it should be.

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MyAviva keeps you in control (4)

Make a claim

Find everything you need to claim on your policy – whether you’re comfortable starting it online, or you’d rather speak to one of our team.

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MyAviva keeps you in control (5)

Retrieve a quote

When you’ve already had an insurance quote from us, find it again quickly by giving us a few details.

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Get support right away

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MyAviva keeps you in control (2024)
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