Walmart Grocery Pickup: Order Online, Pick Up at Store | Walmart Canada (2024)

Learn how Walmart Grocery Pickup works

Walmart Canada offers convenient Grocery Pickup across Canada, helping you save time and money when grocery shopping. With Grocery Pickup, you shop for all your groceries and household essentials online or using the convenient Walmart app. Simply browse the online grocery aisles and fill your digital grocery cart with everything you need to get through the week, from fresh and frozen groceries to pantry and household supplies, too. When you’re ready, book a pickup date and time at your nearest Walmart store and place your order. Our trained associates will pick and pack your order with care and have it ready for when you arrive!

Order fresh, frozen & packaged foods for Grocery Pickup

From stocking your fridge to filling your pantry, Walmart Grocery has a wide range of high-quality foods to choose from at everyday low prices. You can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, eggs and dairy products, and more. Find frozen foods for quick and easy meals, including frozen dinners and pizzas. Browse the pantry aisle for breakfast cereals, chips and snacks, dry pasta and rice, and so much more.

You can rest assured that we’ll hold all your refrigerated and frozen groceries at the required temperatures until you arrive at the store to pick up your order.

Order more products with quick & easy Grocery Pickup

Walmart Canada's online Grocery Pickup service isn't just for food items. You can also find an extensive selection of other products at the same low prices you would find in store. Shop for baby care essentials, clothes and shoes, pet care products, beauty and personal care products, household supplies and appliances, and so much more

5 Grocery Pickup tips to save you even more time

Walmart Grocery Pickup makes shopping for groceries easy! Here are five tips to save even more time when shopping for groceries online:

  1. Download the Walmart Canada app; it’s the easiest and fastest way to shop for groceries.
  2. Add items to your cart throughout the week as you run low on staples. When your cart is full, book a pickup slot and place your order.
  3. If you shop for the same groceries regularly, use the “easy reorder” function to save time and avoid forgetting favourites.
  4. Plan your meals and snacks for the week ahead, so you can make a grocery list that covers each ingredient needed.
  5. Use Mobile Check-in on the Walmart app to alert an associate that you’re on the way to pick up your order. They’ll prepare your order for your arrival.

Walmart Grocery Pickup FAQ

Is there a minimum order value for online Grocery Pickup?

Yes. Your order total must exceed $35 before taxes and applicable fees.

What is Same Day Pickup?

With Same Day Grocery Pickup, you can pick up your grocery order on the same day that you placed it online. When booking your pickup slot, simply check for availability on the same day. Then, place your grocery order by 11 a.m. for pickup after 4 p.m. Available at select stores.

What is Express Grocery Pickup?

With Express Grocery Delivery, you can pick up your groceries and other essentials at your local Walmart store in as little as 1 hour. Get started by adding items to your cart, and then view the express pickup time slots when booking your slot. Available at select stores.

Are there fees for using Grocery Pickup

There are no fees for standard Grocery Pickup orders that are picked up at a Walmart store. The express 1-hour pickup fee is $4.97. For PenguinPickUp locations, there’s a fee of $2.97 on weekdays and $4.97 on weekends.

Where do I pick up my order once I’m at the store?

Each location has different designated pickup areas. On the day of your pickup time slot, you will receive an official receipt email that indicates the Grocery Pickup area at your chosen pickup location. Free Curbside Pickup is also available at select stores — just park, call, and wait in your car while an associate loads your order into your trunk.

Can I tip my Walmart Grocery Pickup associate?

While we appreciate the gesture, Walmart Grocery Pickup associates will not accept tipping. Courteous, prompt, and proficient service is what makes Walmart associates unique!

Visit our help centre for answers to more frequently asked questions about Grocery Pickup. Learn about our Grocery Delivery service, too!

Walmart Grocery Pickup: Order Online, Pick Up at Store | Walmart Canada (2024)
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